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Wrestling: Varsity Winter 2021-22 Schedule

    (as of 01-17-22)
  Type  Time  Opponent  Location  Comments
Saturday, Dec 18, 2021
  Invitational  10:00AM  Away vs. Multiple Schools  Gateway High School, Gateway Township
Thursday, Dec 23, 2021
  Match  1:30PM  Multiple Schools  Red Bank Regional
 (Rescheduled from 12-23-21)
Weigh-Ins at 12:30 PM
  Tournament  3:00PM  Away vs. West Orange  West Orange
 (Rescheduled to 12-23-21)
Weigh-Ins at 3:00 PM
Thursday, Dec 30, 2021
  Invitational  9:30AM  Away vs. East Brunswick  East Brunswick
Weigh-Ins 7:00 am
Saturday, Jan 8, 2022
  Tournament  9:00AM  Multiple Schools  Red Bank Regional
Weigh-ins 7:30 AM BUC Classic
Wednesday, Jan 12, 2022
  Match  5:30PM  Holmdel  Red Bank Regional
Weigh-Ins at 3:30 pm
Thursday, Jan 13, 2022
  Match  5:30PM  Multiple Schools  Red Bank Regional
Weigh-Ins at 4:30 pm
Saturday, Jan 15, 2022
  Match  9:00AM  Away vs. Multiple Schools  Shore Regional High School
Weigh-Ins @ 9:00 AM
Wednesday, Jan 19, 2022
  Match  5:00PM  West Windsor Plainsboro South  Red Bank Regional
Weigh-Ins @ 4:00 PM
Friday, Jan 21, 2022
  Match  5:00PM  Away vs. Asbury Park H.S.  Asbury Park High School
Weigh-Ins @ 4:00 PM
Saturday, Jan 22, 2022
  Match  9:30AM  Away vs. Multiple Schools  Wall Township
7:30 Weigh-ins
Monday, Jan 24, 2022
  Match  7:00PM  Away vs. Multiple Schools  Summit High School
Weigh-Ins - 5:00 PM
Wednesday, Jan 26, 2022
  Match  5:30PM  Monmouth Reg. H.S.  Red Bank Regional
Weigh-Ins at 3:30
Wednesday, Feb 2, 2022
  Match  5:30PM  Matawan Regional High School  Red Bank Regional
Weigh-Ins @ 3:30 pm
Saturday, Feb 5, 2022
  Match  10:00AM  Multiple Schools  Red Bank Regional High School
Weigh-Ins @ 7:30 am
Monday, Feb 7, 2022
  Match  5:30PM  Away vs. Middletown H.S. North  Middletown H.S. North
Weigh-Ins @ 3:30 pm
Thursday, Feb 10, 2022
  Match  6:30PM  Away vs. Metuchen  Metuchen High School